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Electrical workers are 600,000 strong in the United States. Dedicated and highly skilled, these professionals work hard to keep America energized. Our commitment is to help keep electrical workers safe. PIP is a leader in safety garments, gloves and tools that meet and exceed tough ANSI and NFPA standards.

Types of Electricians & their Working Environments


Installs and maintains a variety of wiring systems including security systems, fire alarm systems and energy management systems along with the standard electrical wiring and lighting systems in a home.


Handles the complex computer, security, surveillance and lighting systems found in buildings such as offices, restaurants, theaters and schools.


Works with the heavy machinery, generators, transformers, and control systems that operate within factories, processing plants and manufacturing centers. As technology advances, robotics are increasingly used and industrial engineers are involved.


The professional who brings the electricity from the plant to the home. They work with substations, transformers, and the lines that run either underground or from pole to pole to bring the power to the structure.


NFPA 70E has done a lot to improve the safety of electricians, workers and utility personnel. The proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical aspect of any electrical safety program. Electrical hazards average about 4,000 injuries in the workplace each year. While fatalities related to worker electrocutions have declined dramatically with regulation on operating procedures, equipment improvements and PPE (from 300 deaths to around 70 per year in the last twenty years) even one death is too many.

That is why PIP has invested in developing products that meet and surpass industry standards. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Electrical Fatalities by Industry Group
United States, 2003-2010

Compiled by the Electrical Safety Foundation International using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CFOI, 1992-2010

Nonfatal Electrical Injuries by Part of Body Affected,
United States, 2010


First to market with innovative products that keep you safe and help you to work more productively. ATG® and G-Tek® glove lines feature unparalleled proprietary designs, coating and materials. Lens technologies from Bouton® Optical offer more than just impact protection.

The #1 Industrial Glove in America

Designed and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments.

Abrasive Cycles (EN388)

Airtech® Technology

AirTech®, which enables 360° breathability of the hand, is delivered through our patented foam technology.

Dual Certified

Dual Certified means the garment and material have been tested and certified by a third party, and is compliant to two standards:

NFPA 70E: Electrical safety in the workplace

NFPA 2112: Protection against flash fire

PIP offers multiple styles and colors of workshirts, jeans and coveralls, designed for all day comfort. All metal parts are thermally protected from the skin, and the coveralls even feature a breakaway zipper, allowing a quick escape from the garment in a dangerous situation.

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Rubber Insulating Gloves

Novax® products exceed all requirements of ASTM D120, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations and satisfying NFPA 70E requirements for protection against electrical shock hazards. The natural rubber construction offers excellent dielectric properties combined with flexibility, strength, and durability. Other features include a contoured shape that reduces hand fatigue and a rolled cuff for increased durability during donning and doffing.

PIP also carries leather protector gloves that must be worn over Novax gloves, and glove bags to ensure proper storage.

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Composite & Insulated Tools

Electrical Safety Tools


Manufactured from braided, military-grade fiberglass composite over a tough polymer core, composite tools combine the latest in space-age materials technology with traditional heat steel tips in a unique family of products ideal for the safety-minded professional.


PIP’s line of insulated tools meet the ASTM F 1505 standard and are rated for use up to 1000 volts. Many styles are made in the USA, and feature the trusted Channellock® brand name.

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PIP has worked to develop multiple kits for high risk environments that meet and exceed standards for electrical safety in the workplace. For example, our Ultralight 40 cal/cm2 kits include:

  • Jacket and overpants with Hybrid Fabric Technology to increase garment durability in the field while decreasing its weight by 37%. The garments have a DuPont® shell to provide superior tensile strength, industrial wash resistance and long-term durability.
  • Arc flash suit hood, ventilated with battery pack or non-ventilated. The ventilation unit is protected by a compact and durable ABS case covered by our Ultralight fabric, weighs only 1 pound and provides over six hours of battery life.
  • Bouton® Optical Tranzmission™ dielectric safety glasses.
  • JSP® Evolution® Cap style Hard Hat, certified to Class E and tested to 20,000 volts.
  • Your choice of a backpack or carry bag for storage.

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Bouton® Dielectric Safety Glasses

Dielectric Safety Glasses

These styles do not contain any metal components, making them non-conductive and safe for those who are working near or around electricity. They are offered in a number of colors and lens treatments, and their rimless frame styles allow for a great field of vision and comfort, even for those who are not used to wearing glasses.


Unique contour of the temple arms ensures a secure fit with no uncomfortable pressure points.


Co-injected rubber temple ends provide excellent grip.


Popular one-piece lens design that offers a perfect fit.

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Pioneers in TPR technology

maximum performance & maximum safety.

Our high-performance glove styles are designed to combine comfort, safety performance, and maximum protection. Thermo plastic rubber (TPR) gives additional cut and pinch point protection where it matters most, on the back of the hand, fingers, knuckles and thumb.

For example, the new Maximum Safety® TuffMax3 and TuffMax5 provide users with cut and pinch point protection in general duty handling and oily conditions. Its HPPE fiber shell is light weight and provides excellent dexterity, tactile sensitivity and cut resistance that is available in EN cut level 3 and EN cut level 5. They also feature a MicroSurface nitrile-coated padded palm for an enhanced grip in wet and dry work conditions such as petrochem, construction, auto repair, demo, mining and fabrication.

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"Thirty years ago, my partner, Wellson Tao and I set out to build a company focused on providing workers personal protective products that provided value and met the highest performance standards. Choosing a name for our company was the easy part. Protective Industrial Products (PIP)"

- Joe Milot, President

Protective Industrial Products Inc.