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The industrial manufacturing sector remains a pillar of America’s economic strength. With nearly 12 million people assembling, crafting and refining all types of goods and raw materials, it is just not possible to engineer out all the risks. PIP is there with personal safety equipment that is designed to be the last line of defense.

Improving Safety with PIP Products


Over the years, the advancement in the use of mechanical equipment, along with stricter regulatory compliance, has helped to prevent accidents and reduce injuries. However, the fact remains that construction is amongst the highest risk industries to work in. Nearly 12% of worker fatalities involve construction workers, an alarming 14 deaths per week. Around 4.2 injuries have been reported per every 100 workers, with an average cost per claim around $38,000. This negatively affects our economy, but more importantly is a significant financial burden, on top of the physical pain and suffering, that extends to families and loved ones.

That is why PIP has invested in developing products that meet and surpass industry standards. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Occupational unintentional-injury-related deaths
and death rates by industry, United States, 2010

* Agriculture includes foresty, fishing and hunting. Mining includes oil and gas extraction. Other services excludes public administration

Percent of Injury Related emergency department visits by
body site of primary diagnosis, United States, 2010


First to market with innovative products that keep you safe and help you to work more productively. ATG® and G-Tek® glove lines feature unparalleled proprietary designs, coating and materials. Lens technologies from Bouton® Optical offer more than just impact protection.

The benchmark for precision handling

The #1 Industrial Glove in America

Designed and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex® Ultimate™ has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments.

Abrasive Cycles (EN388)

Airtech® Technology

AirTech®, which enables 360° breathability of the hand, is delivered through our patented foam technology.

The thinnest, toughest glove


For over 20 years G-Tek® has lead the way in hi-tech knit glove design. Ergonomically-designed to contour the natural shape of the hand, G-Tek® is now redefining cut protection with 3GX Technology.

View the G-Tek® 3GX™ in action here

Thinner is Stronger

3GX™ Thin Glove Technology represents the next step in G-Tek® evolution. 3GX™ engineers high performance fibers and advanced knitting technologies to produce gloves of exceptional cut protection.

The engineering does not stop there

To achieve overall superior performance thinness and strength is synergize with design and advanced coating to produce the ultimate in skin-like dexterity, tactility and breathability. Combined effect of improved comfort, feel and strength results in safer, more secure handling.

3GX Thin Glove Technology

  • Engineered yarns provides exceptional cut protection, durability and stretch for protection and breathable comfort
  • Consistent Liner Penetration eliminating strike-through discomfort
  • Perfectly Contoured fingers for exceptional tactility
  • Available with Polyurethane or oil-resistant Nitrile Foam coatings

Be Seen, Be safe

Be Seen, Be Safe

Construction jobs are not limited to the daytime, and it is essential to be easily seen in all light conditions. PIP has been a leader in ubiquitous adoption of Hi-Vis garments for all applications where workers are at risk. It's no longer just for road workers. For prudence, even mandating Hi-Vis T-shirts as a standard is an extra ounce of prevention. PIP has it all.

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JSP® has evolved head protection

The MK8 Evolution® Hard Hat by JSP®

The Toughest Safety Hard Hat in the World.

The MK8 Evolution® meets the ANSI Z89.1 standard for Type II impact protection. It is also the ONLY industrial safety helmet in the world that meets and exceeds the new, tougher European standard EN14052, the biggest advancement in industrial head protection in over 45 years.

The high-density EPS liner and ultra-comfortable harness ensure maximum protection in the highest-risk environments, making it ideal to face the hazards of construction work. And, most importantly, MK8 Evolution® provides protection from side impacts and side penetration to the same level as ANSI Z89.1 Type I testing, with almost 20 times the coverage area.

Features & Benefits

JSP® Continues to Outpace the PPE Market

JSP® has been given the prestigious Frost & Sullivan (F&S) Market Leadership European Head Protection Award 2014 for its commitment to providing outstanding industrial head protection products and customer service to its extensive range of end user applications and industries.

In bestowing the Award on JSP®, F&S recognised the company's strong brand image and comprehensive product portfolio, maintaining the highest market share within the extremely competitive personal protective equipment (PPE) industry by a process of constant innovation by its own internal R&D department, which results in brand new and enhanced products of the highest quality.

Bouton® advances in lens technology

Bouton® Advanced Lens Technologies

Reduce Reflection and Glare
Improve visual acuity in any application by reducing reflections and improving visible light transmission

Indoor/Outdoor Blue
Alleviate Digital Eye Strain
A proprietary engineered lens that combines a slight yellow tint and a mirror coating, working in tandem to alleviate and help to prevent digital eye strain.

Enhance Vision Outdoors
Reduces glare in bright outdoor environments involving water, sand, rocks and concrete.

Reduce Overhead Light Glare
A slight mirror coating on the top portion of a clear lens protects from high-powered overhead fluorescent and mercury lighting, to minimize squinting eye strain

Mirror Plus
Protect from Bright Sunlight
Mirror coated lenses with Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on the inside provides clearer vision when compared to a standard shaded lens

Learn more from our Eyewear Experts Page

Pioneers in TPR technology

maximum performance & maximum safety.

Our high-performance glove styles are designed to combine comfort, safety performance, and maximum protection. Thermo plastic rubber (TPR) gives additional cut and pinch point protection where it matters most, on the back of the hand, fingers, knuckles and thumb.

For example, the new Maximum Safety® TuffMax3 and TuffMax5 provide users with cut and pinch point protection in general duty handling and oily conditions. Its HPPE fiber shell is light weight and provides excellent dexterity, tactile sensitivity and cut resistance that is available in EN cut level 3 and EN cut level 5. They also feature a MicroSurface nitrile-coated padded palm for an enhanced grip in wet and dry work conditions such as petrochem, construction, auto repair, demo, mining and fabrication.

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“I switched all my guys to Maxiflex® and all the complaining stopped. One glove that moves like your hand and can stand up to all the tasks on a construction site… that’s what we needed.”

- Rose Fiermonte, President

DCI Dorbec Construction Inc.

Workers who have switched to JSP® hard hats agree that they offer above average holding power, especially when bent over.