Export Services

Each of our services is designed to be employed individually or all together. We pride ourselves at our ability to integrate those services in a way that compliments your company's strengths, while applying our experience to your situation. Many clients come to appreciate the tangible and intangible qualities that we bring to the table and find us an invaluable resource on the global stage - using our keen eyes and capable hands to bring drastic improvement to their business.

  • Sourcing Services
  • Price Negotiation Services
  • Production Services
  • Quality Control Services
  • Importation Services
  • Creative Services
  • Reporting Services
Sourcing Services


Our dedicated Sourcing Team implements initiatives directed by the customer. We create a geographical profile of factories for use in future buying trips and maintain a continually updated vendor database. When sourcing for our clients programs, or for our own requirement, we are able to effectively identify whether existing or new factories are best suited for the requirements. Our directive is based on your timelines and desire to have the lowest cost merchandise available for both existing and new programs, while delivering value and on-time deliveries.

Price Negotiation Services

Price Negotiation

We provide our clients with the lowest possible pricing based on our long term established relationships and volume buying power. We utilize our in-house experienced Chinese buyers as part of the negotiating process. The result of our approach is that the client is quoted the direct pricing from China, eliminating the need for additional wholesaler or middleman markups.

Production Services


We review our client's Purchase Orders with an eye for the little details to make sure the order starts out accurately. Once the details are confirmed with any necessary revisions, the Purchase Orders are placed with the factories. During the production process, weekly status reports are generated based on the progress. On average, the entire process from the time the Purchase Order is placed to the loading of containers, takes 90 to 120 days.

Quality Control Services

Quality Control

We monitor and ensure that all factories we are partnered with meet compliance regulations, including MCOC (Manufacturer Code of Conduct) and CTPAT. Besides US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF also regulate imports. We also pay particular attention and detail to clients' guidelines. Reports generated by our overseas inspectors are provided on an as needed basis to our clients.

Importation Services


The Importation Process has various inputs and outputs. Among the steps is the need to communicate with the client, vendors and various third parties. There are requirements to comply with trade regulations and local laws at both the point of export and at the point of import. There are the issues of moving a product from a manufacturer to the client's warehouse door. Transmitting clear and precise documents between parties is crucial, as is the ability and experience to negotiate payment terms. With offices in the US and in Asia, PIP communicates with our clients in their time zone and the manufacturers in theirs. PIP understands the trade regulations. We regularly manage the delivery of product "door to door." We scrutinize, revise and deliver appropriate purchase orders, shipping documents, and invoices between parties.

Creative Services


PIP provides a full service in-house design department for all your packaging needs. We can provide everything from product conceptual development, to photographic image correction, alteration and adjustment. Utilizing our domestic and overseas proofing services you can be assured your product will ship to your locations already proofed for legal, trademark and regulatory requirements. PIP's creative department has been coordinating overseas production of packaging for our importing clients for many years. No one understands the urgency of timelines like we do!

Reporting Services


PIP provides an extensive array of reports based upon your timelines. From the time a project starts to the time it is implemented and delivered to your DC's we provide up-to-the-minute tracking capability, utilizing our GRP.

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