Premium, Fully Coated, Double Dipped Fluorescent PVC with Jersey Liner and Sandy Grip


Available Colors:

Hi-Vis Green
Hi-Vis Orange
  • Sizes: L
  • Packed: 72 Pair/Case
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Product Description

Product Description

Premium grade, fully coated, double dipped liquid proof PVC resists diluted aqueous solutions of bases or acids and provides reliable resistance to oils and organic solvents. However, it tends to be less flexible, tacky and susceptible to snagging. Ideal for applications where handling grease, oils, acids, caustics and solvents is common; also used in warehousing, highway construction and traffic control.


  • Premium, Fully Coated, Double Dipped Fluorescent PVC
  • Jersey Lined
  • Sandy Grip
  • 12" Long
  • Available in Fluorescent Green, Orange, or Yellow
  • Sanitized® Treated
  • Boss Jersey Lined
  • Double Dip PVC
  • Sandy Grip
  • Flourescent
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